From Drama Queen to Reigning Queen

Discover your true passion and become a woman with the clarity, confidence and inspiration to pursue your dream life.

About program

From Drama Queen to Reigning Queen is a deeply transformational, guided discovery program for passionate women who are ready to break free from feeling like time is just passing them by. I designed this program to help women, like you, uncover exactly what they want for their life so they can own their destiny unapologetically, enthusiastically, and without fear.
This is for women who dream of living authentically, who are tired of hiding who they really are or living by someone else’s expectations. Now is the time to live like a queen with a purpose! When you join me for this program, I’ll show you how to embrace your true feminine essence by helping you get clear on what it is you genuinely desire and how to dispel a passive mindset to fully accept that whatever you want is possible. Together, we’ll leave frustration and anxiety behind, for good! Step into the life you deserve without sacrificing what is most important to you!

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If you are

  • Dreaming of a life that has meaning and purpose
  • Unsure of what you really want in life because you’re living by someone else’s terms
  • Craving clarity on exactly what would truly make you happy and fulfilled
  • Fantasizing about financial freedom through work that fuels your passions
  • Ready to silence that inner voice that is feeding your insecurities  so you can take your next step
  • Excited to embrace a life that is fulfilling mentally and spiritually and is 100% authentic to your personality, desires, and values
“From Drama Queen to Reigning Queen” is what you need!
Hey there, you gorgeous, confident Queen!

Right now, you may feel like anything but a queen — a queen that is confident, purposeful, unwavering, a woman who doesn’t live by others’ rules or expectations. But I know that’s how you want to be, and I know you have that spark inside you to become the Reigning Queen of your life!

I know you are spending every ounce of energy you have trying to create a life that looks perfect from the outside –– a lovely home, a stylish wardrobe, a beautiful family… But deep down you know you’re meant for something more extraordinary than this…

Imagine what your life could look like if you were totally driven by what you want, and then give yourself permission to turn that vision into reality!
No more guilt about failing to live up to that “good girl image…”
No more worrying about what others think…
No more living for other people…
No more anxiety that living for yourself on your own terms is “selfish” or will end in failure…
From Drama Queen to Reigning Queen is your ticket to a life that you love. If you are ready to make changes in your life, this is your opportunity to blossom into a confident, fulfilled, and joyful woman. It’s time to get clarity about what it is you truly want out of life and define the steps to achieving it! By actively participating in this program, you’ll experience the fulfillment and sense of purpose that so many women only dream of. 

From Drama Queen to Reigning Queen is your ticket to a life that you love. If you are ready to make changes in your life, you have the opportunity to blossom into a confident, satisfied, and joyful woman with clarity about what it is you truly desire from life and the goals on how to achieve it! By joining this program and actively participating, you’ll experience the fulfillment, sense of purpose, and confident life that so many women only dream of.

You are your own worst critic, but you are ready to move on from that feeling of inadequacy and become the woman you’re destined to be!
Take a moment to visualize your most fulfilling life. What does it look like? You see a life of…
  • Unwavering self-esteem and confidence
  • Financial freedom and the resources to do what you want
  • Opportunities you create based on your dreams and goals
  • Acceptance that you deserve a life that brings you joy and fulfillment
  • Where you make the rules, live life on your terms, and fearlessly follow your intuition
  • Freedom from everyone’s expectations and demands—you’re ready to live for yourself!
  • Optimism and energy when you plan your future
  • Holistic self-care where you nourish your body, mind, and spirit
  • Channeling your creativity and passion into meaningful work
  • Waking up each day with a sense of excitement  
And most of all…you dream of living a life where you feel confident in your authentic self and the path you’re on, where you define yourself by your passions and abilities, not by your clothes, your relationships, or what others think of you!
But you’re facing setbacks…You’re craving an abundant life—for you that means having a sense of purpose, feeling confident, breaking free from worry and guilt, and discovering that perfect balance between loving and caring for others without sacrificing your own joy and needs.
Maybe you are struggling with
  • Not being honest with yourself about what you really want
  • Feeling unsure of exactly what would bring you joy in your life
  • Thinking that life is just passing you by and you’re missing out
  • Letting fear of failure or criticism hold you back from going after what you want
  • Not nurturing your artistic and creative side
  • Feeling guilty for wanting something “more” in your life when, from outside appearances, you appear to have “everything”
  • Living up to impossibly high standards you set for yourself
  • Thinking you don’t deserve to go after your dreams or live your ideal life
I want you to know that life doesn’t have to be like this! You’re not alone in your struggle for self-acceptance, clarity, and confidence. I’ve helped women across the globe overcome their setbacks and become Reigning Queens in their lives—powerful, happy, and confident. Are you ready to become that woman too?
What will Joining From Drama Queen to Reigning Queen do for You?

‘From Drama Queen to Reigning Queen’ is a 10-week program for women who are seeking a more extraordinary life. You will learn to embrace your uniqueness, gain self-confidence, and eliminate doubt for good. This program will help you to find your life’s path, gain self-acceptance, and experience true fulfillment.
I’ll use my energy and extensive coaching experience to accompany you on your path towards transformation. Together, we will work to help you gain clarity on what you truly need and want to be happy and fulfilled while pinpointing the struggles and obstacles holding you back. Throughout the program, you will become more attuned with your core values and what you see as a more authentic life.
By creating a success plan that’s unique to you, we will align your goals and actions with your values, unlock your creativity, build your self-esteem and develop body positivity. You’ll learn how to cast aside the perfectionism, the limiting beliefs, and the old habits that keep you feeling stuck and unfulfilled!
You’ve already got what it takes to change your life within you. Now, it’s time to get started on your profound life transformation to become the Queen you are!

Your takeaways from From Drama Queen to Reigning Queen include:
The core of this program is achieving clarity so you can discover EXACTLY what you want, what’s holding you back, and what needs to be done to move forward!
We’ll deep-dive into your values through a series of creative exercises and discover what’s important to YOU and use these as the foundation  of your fulfillment!
Instead of feeding the old patterns of doubt, anxiety, and worry, you’ll learn how to trust yourself and feel totally self-assured in every step, knowing that you’re living in alignment with your values, passion, and purpose!
Whether you want to start your own business, create a project, spearhead a cause, or simply live with more creativity, you’ll become laser-focused on what it is that will fulfill you and give you financial freedom.
Together we’ll combat negative thinking so you can cast aside guilt, worry, and anxiety and know that as long as you are being true to yourself, you’ll thrive!
Are you living a life that feels true to who you are every day?  I want to help you discover a life that leads to actions and decisions that fully support who you are, what you want, and what you need!
It’s time to feel uplifted in your life, filled with positive energy and deep contentment. With this feeling of joy radiating from within you, you’ll immediately become attractive to others!
This program goes beyond the 10-week course with ongoing support and guidance! We will create a clear action plan that defines how to reach your goals through continuous self-improvement!

How are we going to reach these takeaways?
There will be a guided topic each week with exercises and discussions!

  • Aligning your life with your core values so you can create your legacy and live the life you desire.
  • Visualizing your goals for your health, career, and relationships by creating a clear action plan.
  • How to stop feeling like a victim and learn how to communicate efficiently with people and learn how to navigate conflict management.
  • Learn to listen to your emotions so you can hone in on what they’re telling you and how they’re guiding you. Learn to tap into emotions as the ultimate “power source” to achieve what you want in your life.
  • Develop willpower, self-awareness and determination, because when you structure and clearly map out your goals with intent, you can achieve anything you want in life.
  • Building self-esteem and self-presentation skills to unlock who you are at the core so that you can experience being the ideal woman you want to be. You will radiate composure and intelligence, which will naturally attract your audience.
  • Exploring what is and is not sexy to you and confidently communicating your need for intimacy and pleasure.
  • Discovering and unleashing your natural creativity that fulfills you and lifts your spirit through creative pursuits and activities.
  • Making your dreams and life vision come true every day and celebrating your new life as a Reigning Queen!
From Drama Queen to Reigning Queen comes with everything you need to learn how to live life unapologetically, shut down the drama and negativity, and rid yourself of the hang-ups, perfectionism and  anxiety that has held you back for so long. You’ll receive:
  • Weekly focus topics that include  a workbook to help you put what you learn into practice and mindset exercises that allow you to dive deeper into your personality, your values, and how to achieve your goals. ($1500 Value)
  • 10 online coaching sessions where you can ask questions and we can dig into your obstacles and progress, celebrate successes, and create plans and goals. ($3500 value)
  • Unlimited email access! Reach out with questions or concerns at any time, and I can provide you with personalized guidance (priceless)!
  • From Drama Queen to Reigning Queen provides you with 10 weeks of guidance, instruction, advice, and assistance to help you create the beautiful, fulfilling life you deserve.
Enroll today and you’ll receive four exclusive perks throughout the program, including:
  • BONUS #1: Values test. Unlock your core values and discover how to leverage them for your personal success and growth (priceless)!
  • BONUS #2: A list of my favourite self-development books to help you on your Queen’s journey (priceless)!
  • BONUS #3: A 50-minute 1:1 follow-up online life coaching session with me. You can use this session to stay inspired and on track (a $350 value)!
  • BONUS #4: And when you complete all 10 weeks, I’ll include a priceless gift for your graduation!
So, what happens after you schedule your FREE Discovery Call?

During your Discovery Call, we’ll have an opportunity to connect and discover if From Drama Queen to Reigning Queen is right for you! We’ll spend 50 minutes exploring your situation—we’ll discuss where you are in life, your aspirations, your goals, and what you’re hoping to get out of From Drama Queen to Reigning Queen. Feel free to ask questions. I’m here to help you find your path, so don’t hold back.
If we both think that From Drama Queen to Reigning Queen  is a good fit for you, you can sign up immediately. Just register, pay, and you’re good to go! You’ll receive your Welcome Packet and Orientation Module in your inbox shortly afterward.

How is From Drama Queen to Reigning Queen different from other programs?

From Drama Queen to Reigning Queen  is unlike so many programs that only brush on surface issues or one topic. This is a high-touch transformational, in-depth look into who you really are in order to awaken your inner power and beauty, clarify your goals, and create an action plan to help you thrive in your best life.
The skills I will teach you and information I will share are your key to leading a fulfilling life of a confident, dynamic woman.
In From Drama Queen to Reigning Queen, I’ll share the methods, strategies, and  mindfulness practices I’ve used for years to develop my own inspiring, abundant life.
There are lots of courses and events out there that can teach you how to increase confidence and gain clarity on your life, but From Drama Queen to Reigning Queen gives you the long-term time and attention you realistically need to overcome your obstacles and break through the deepest issues holding you back. If you aren’t being encouraged to reconnect with yourself and do the authentic soul work first, the techniques and strategies you learn won’t have lasting results.
From Drama Queen to Reigning Queen is not a cookie-cutter approach to self-development. This is a deeply personalized program where I’ll be with you through every step of your journey. I will teach you how to reconnect with your innermost self—the part that’s probably been hidden f under patterns of self-sabotage and negative self-talk for far too long. Once you revisit your most authentic self, you’ll be able to eliminate fear and frustration  and unleash your newfound confidence to tackle your challenges. I designed this one-of-a-kind program for you, so that you don’t have to spend years on a path to self-discovery!

My promise to You

I don’t say this lightly—if you’re willing to follow the program, listen and apply the instruction I provide for your life, and take this seriously, this program will turn you into a new woman. You’ll leave with renewed confidence and a strong sense of purpose. You’ll know exactly what you want and how to make it happen. You’ll rid yourself of frustration, fear, doubt, loneliness, and will be a strong, unapologetic force to be reckoned with! You’ll be more resilient and won’t let stress control you, and you’ll radiate inner beauty!

Are you a Good Fit?

I’m going to be straight with you—this program isn’t for everyone.
It’s designed for women who:

  • Genuinely have the drive to transform their lives
  • Want to feel inner joy and fulfillment to match their outer successes
  • Are ready to discover true passion and purpose in their lives
  • Are open to new methods and mindsets
  • Are ready to listen to someone who has experienced the same struggles and challenges and overcame them.

You can admit that you are just not ready yet if you…

  • Don’t want to take responsibility for your life
  • Aren’t willing to put 100% effort into changing your life
  • Think I will be doing all the work for you. I’ll be right by your side the whole time, but you have to put in the work to see the payoff.
  • Don’t want to leave your comfort zone. Growth begins where security ends.
  • Are not open to trying out different techniques like meditation.

If you’re a good candidate, congratulations! But if you are not sure if  From Drama Queen to Reigning Queen suits you, schedule a Discovery Call, and we can determine if this is right for you!

Your time is Now

You can keep going it alone and…

  • Continue feeling unworthy of love and success
  • Struggle with anxiety and unhappiness
  • Allow your inner critic to guide your life
  • Live with constant worry and self-doubt
  • Feel like nothing you ever do is good enough
  • Beat yourself up over how you look

Or you can put an end to struggling and start…

  • Becoming a woman who is energized, optimistic, and positive
  • Living an authentic life that aligns with your values and goals
  • Developing self-confidence
  • Tapping into your natural creativity
  • Showing love, kindness, and respect to yourself and to others
  • Fostering strong relationships where you feel secure and happy
It’s never too late to grow. You can always make progress. Give yourself the care and attention you give to everything else! Start making yourself a priority—your investment in yourself will last a lifetime.
Frequently Asked Questions

There will be 10 calls of 50 minutes, and then the exercises typically take an additional 1-2 hours per day. However, you can break them up to do a little each day or block out time each week.

Yes, we can discuss the payment options and available plans during our Discovery Call

Fortunately during the free discovery call, we can determine if From Drama Queen to Reigning Queen is right for you. If you do choose to join, I can’t offer refunds do to the limited amount of clients I work with for each program.

Because I work with a specific amount of clients, I can only do live calls during our scheduled time. However, you have total email access to me, so feel free to send an email whenever you need to, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

I totally understand that life happens! If something comes up, as long as you let me know within 48 hours, I can reschedule.

Great! Just schedule your free discovery call!

Drop me a message

Feel free to get in touch with us for any questions.





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