Example of a great rebranding

McDonald's has done a great rebranding. Before, their communication was about fast food, accessibility, and low price, which is not the way they aim to appear anymore. They now want to be seen as healthier and more "upscale". We can see it in the menu, which now offers more vegetarian options — they've even added salad bars in some of their locations! The design of their restaurants is more organic, thanks to the use of wooden furniture. They also made their packaging brighter. They added a lot of green colors, which are often associated with being fit and healthy, and brown colors that indicate that the company cares about recycling and ecology.

This rebranding campaign had great success, and McDonald's now appeals to a much larger target audience.

In order to replicate it in another business, we also need to take into consideration the overall trends in the world, hear our customer's needs, be flexible, and have a team of experienced professionals who would use this information wisely in rebranding.
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