A Unique Journey to Your Happy
and Successful Life!

About the Journey

We invite you to join a unique journey that combines the experience of the best specialists in matters of personal growth which will enable you to remove blocks preventing you from reaching your full potential and start living the life of your dreams. A distinctive feature of this program is a versatile, integrated approach that will provide a new way of thinking which will elevate the quality of your life drastically.

The program also includes self-care techniques for your body, educational historical and cultural sessions, immersion into the legendary French « Art de vivre» as well as integration of new good habits into your everyday life!
This program encompasses all levels of development: conscious, subconscious, and physical!


16 September 2019 - 25 September 2019
(8 nights)

Group Size

15 people maximum


Burgundy & Champagne Regions, France
(Arrival and Departure from Paris, France)

Your Takeaways

  • CLARITY: The core of the life coaching training is achieving clarity so you can discover exactly what you want, what’s holding you back, and what needs to be done to move forward!

  • CONFIDENCE: Instead of feeding the old patterns of doubt, anxiety, and worry, you’ll learn how to trust yourself and feel totally self-assured in every step. You’ll live confidently knowing that you’re living in alignment with your values, passion, and purpose!

  • MINDSET BREAKTHROUGH: Together we’ll combat negative thinking so you can cast aside guilt, worry, and anxiety.

  • CLEAR ACTION PLAN: We’ll work together to create a clear action plan that defines how to reach your goals through continuous self-improvement

  • CONNECTION TO YOUR FEMININITY: You’ll explore your womanhood and connect with your inner queen more than you ever have before.

  • Harmonization between your outer and inner worlds: Internal discoveries, the removal of the blocks that hold you back from living the life of your dreams

  • Cultural and historical knowledge: Knowledge about one of the most authentic regions of France, giving you not only tremendous pleasure, but also internal growth to broaden your horizons

  • Etiquette knowledge of table setting: Use of cutlery and rules of table etiquette

  • Knowledge of Wine: Skills of choosing the correct wine based on your taste and the type of event

  • aromatherapy: Balancing and adjustment of your psycho-emotional state through the discovery of unique possibilities of aromatherapy

  • An unforgettable surprise: This will will make you fall in love with France even more!

Tour Program Includes:

Exclusive mini-group tour and fascinating excursions in Burgundy and Champagne regions

Life Coaching with Victoria Branson, a Certified Transformational Life Coach, MA

Vibroacoustic massage with Tibetan singing bowls, crystals and other instruments of ancient people under the guidance of highly qualified specialists

Aromatherapy Session

Master Class on etiquette with Lina Gontcharova, a consultant on international protocol and etiquette

Gastronomic Master Class

Private wine tasting in world famous wineries

Master Class with a sommelier, a wine connoisseur

Pleasant surprises, unforgettable acquaintances and unique gastronomic experiences

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